Metal Finishes – Taking the World by Storm

Metal finishes that provide elegance are set to make an impact in the coming seasons,these will range from smooth and shiny to worn and riveted. In the past, silver-look finishes were most used and specified for the kitchen and bathroom. However for 2015, the colour range has expanded, and its versatility has allowed it to be used throughout the home interior. These can now be found in cool tones of chrome, nickel, stainless steel, and warm hues of gold, brass, bronze and copper.


The colour and finish influence the decorating style that each metal finish best complements, and at InStyle Direct we work towards finding the right blend that is needed to glamourise your space. This ideology is reflected in our home design projects.

We believe that burnished, aged, matte and patina finishes work very well in traditional, rustic and country settings, and high gloss, brushed and subtle sheen finishes does its magic in a more modern and contemporary setting.


Grosvenor Avenue London: Home Staging


Roman House: Exclusive Package

Trend forecasting is a fascinating subject to many, at InStyle Direct we are always pursuing the latest and greatest in design. We understand remodelling a home can be a daunting task financially, emotionally and in terms of time.

We do understand that adopting trends can be challenging and intriguing. Therefore, the purpose of our blog today is to show you how we have incorporated these trends in our Home Staging and Furnishing projects, which will give you an idea of how to decorate and maximise your own home.

We recently used a copper brushed metal lamp in one of our home staging projects. Nowadays, copper brushed metals are decorating everything from lighting to cutlery. But we chose this lamp, as it really impacts the dynamic of this space, the gorgeous copper hue of the inner shade of the lamp adds a modern edgy twist to an otherwise simple tripod floor lamp. The contrast between the black and the copper create a beautiful timeless combination.


Theodore Bullfrog: Home Staging

There is no denying to the fact that gold brass and antique brass finishes are making a comeback. The most popular variations in these are neither shiny nor bright,they are more matte with a subtle sheen. They are timeless and
budget-friendly, and its elegant and chic accents, liven any space by adding contrast. We tried it for ourselves in our exclusive project at Pembridge Gardens, an image of the same project is shown below, and you can clearly see how a small addition has brightened the entire section of the room.


Pembridge Gardens: Exclusive Package

Stainless steel and aluminium finishes will remain a classic. However, their popularity is growing in modern décor circles, as we seek to add different depths of interest to our homes. Using an object with an edgy design look and feel allows you to appreciate the overall form and material.


Riverside at Townmead Road: Essential Package

These stunning coffee and bedside tables that were used in our recent project at Kew Bridge, adds a cool, but rustic metallic element with a contemporary twist, this reflects the desire to establish a vivid, memorable, bold and interesting living space that has personality. To see how we used them to provide a stylish look to the interiors click here


Kew Bridge: Exclusive package


Kew Bridge: Exclusive package

Whether used as an accent or a bold statement, these trending finishes add a sense of luxury and intrigue to any home. It is effective, versatile and dramatic without being overwhelming, it’s the perfect recipe for balancing eye-catching design with time staying power. If these trends interest you, feel free to get in touch.

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