London interiors: seasonal trends for 2019

As the last slow sunny days of summer draw to an end, brightly coloured interiors or cool neutral hues start to look out of place as the light and the season changes. For autumn, there are three main interiors trends this year. For landlords looking to attract new tenants or Airbnb’s and holiday lets looking for a seasonal refresh, here are some easy furnishing swaps to keep your property looking at its best.

New Nordic

This is a twist on the ‘Scandi Cool’ trend that’s still proving to be popular look. Bare wood and ice whites are still in evidence but the emphasis is on preparing for colder weather. A colour palate of berries, chocolate and deep reds bring warmth to the ice whites and pale neutrals creating an appealing mood of calm and cosiness. Plenty of chunky knit throws, cushions and rugs create an environment for snuggling up as the weather turns cold. What is also interesting about this trend is the idea of bringing the outside in, floral motifs in dark, heavy colours add interest to the texture and colours of the soft furnishings. It’s a moody twist on Scandi Cool which embraces the autumn.

Sandringham house one Tower

To incorporate this trend, try the Yellow Gold package. The cool tones of the Scandi trend pair well with crisp white accents and deep marine teal cushions and throws, here the chunky knit cushions add a sense of warmth and comfort.

Rossetti Court

The White Diamond furniture package includes chunky-knit cushions and faux animal-fur throws while the beautiful natural wood furniture of the White Diamond range is accented by the grey and white furnishings. Simply scatter with berry red accent soft furnishings to bring home the trend.

Fitzroy bed

Global eclectic

The ‘global traveller’ look is where the décor reflects an inhabitant’s trips around the world; it isn’t an easy look to get right as it can look cluttered and messy if not done with an interior design eye. For a landlord, it risks being too personal and could overpower the new tenants who’ll want to put their own stamp on the property. This trend’s autumnal reimagining, however, works easily for rental or holiday properties because it isn’t typically the vibrant, eclectic look, it’s much calmer and subtler. The textures and patterns are subdued and the colours are in muted earthy tones. It is more of a nostalgic nod to the travels rather than trying to recreate a specific look and for that reason, it isn’t too personal and overpowering.

Goldhawk House Beaufot Park

This bedroom from the Champagne Diamond range is a great example, the patterns and objects look eclectic but tie together nicely to bring a feeling of calm. The same is true for this bedroom from the Chocolate Diamond range, the textures on the cushions and the object d’art suggest they’ve been collected from different parts of the world yet the repetition of the bronze colour gives this a refined air.

Chapter Street flat7

The New Luxe

Comfort, style and high living are the watchwords of this trend. Art Deco geometry underpins the sense of elegance, as blush pinks and gold colours add a sense of decadence. Furniture with simple modernist lines is softened by bold geometric prints and plush soft furnishings. The look breathes luxury and comfort into a living space – who could resist?

Discovery House Battersea reach

This bedroom, furnished from the Chocolate Diamond range shows how the geometric pattern on the cushions and strong lines of the lamps are softened by the irresistible blush pinks of the fabric; the same is true for this bedroom from the Champagne Diamond range, soft pinks and fauns create a feeling of comfort while the geometric shapes on the bed throw and lamps are a not to Art Deco style. The Rose Gold furnishing package has the perfect selection of pastel soft furnishings to choose from to accentuate the look.

Instyle Apt growing house

The three trends are quite different and have great appeal to different sectors of the rental market, they are also easy to incorporate into existing schemes with minimum effort and cost. Contact one of our advisors today to discuss how you can update your existing property’s décor and furnishings to be on-trend for autumn and tenant ready.

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