Who Is InStyle Direct? What Do We Do?


Max Prychidko from InStyle Direct and ani M Interiors talks about who InStyle Direct is and what we do, as well as providing a few top tips for homeowners and landlords to make a property more desirable.

InStyle Direct, is a bunch of creative, hardworking individuals from around the globe. From interior designers to warehouse staff, an installation team, business development managers, directors, admin staff, marketing and much more.

We have showrooms and offices in several continents with most conveniently placed within London and a warehouse on the entrance of the North Circular, positioned specifically so our team can get anywhere within the M25, within the hour.

We help landlords maximise their investments across the UK and transform homes for homeowners. Whether it’s creating their dream home, providing guidance or taking the lead, we play the part we need to get the result you desire.

We have a range of interior design services. Our most popular service and product is furniture packages. Our furniture packages were created so you could get the full service of an interior designer, but faster and for less money. The furniture package cost covers the interior designer, installation and assembly and staging. We can also take professional photographs upon request.

Our other main forte is bespoke and tailored interior design. Primarily for homeowners looking for an infinite number of choices, it includes a vast selection of fabrics, colours, textures and designs. This includes mood boards, visuals, meetings with our interior designers. And back and forth communication until the design is perfected. With bespoke interior design, this is where our designers unveil their talents and creative minds.

We have strong relationships with developers across London. From marketing suites to show-homes, commercial spaces and even incentive packs to some of the most reputable developers in London.

We also have separate departments for furnishing multiple units in the PRS industry. This can range from 20 to 1,200 properties and furnishing them in bulk. Again, using our interior designers for the creative process and our huge warehouse and installation team to install as many units as the developers require.

InStyle is currently mid-way through the first phase of a large-scale project in Stratford, built by Vastint’s Sugar House Island, which has around 1200 units set for completion over the next five years. Make sure you subscribe to the video above so you get notifications as Max Prychidko will be making a video about this unique project in the next few weeks.

Top Tips for Landlords and Homeowners

Landlords, your property is 95% more likely to rent if it’s furnished. This is a published fact. That’s why a company like ours creates products like furniture packages. We do it for you, to save money, to save time, to have a great product and obviously make it look great.

The second tip is for the homeowners. A lot of people underestimate lighting. Bedside lamps, side table lamps, floor lamps. The more lighting, the better. It creates the illusion of more space and improves the mood, creating a warm and bright ambiance helps lift gloomy and unattractive spaces.

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InStyle Direct provide furnishing packages to help you sell or rent your property fast. For over a decade, we have been providing a range of design-led furnishing solutions; helping landlords, investors, letting agents and property developers turn a flat or house into a stunning home that will instantly appeal to tenants and buyers...... more blogs from the author