Investors and homeowners see the value of bespoke furnishing packages


Great Minster House is a fabulous new development in Westminster – the epitome of luxury living. And this week saw us exhibiting at an event to promote the new development solely to Chinese investors, alongside the developer Barratt London.


There’s always a real sense of energy to these occasions. Investors are excited to be buying a property in one of London’s most prestigious areas and they’re really interested in learning more about how they can furnish their property beautifully too.

Bespoke furnishing packs are quite a new concept to our clients so this was a great opportunity to introduce the idea to them. The reaction was incredibly positive. They loved the idea that you could find everything you need to furnish a property in one ‘package’, without the hassle of having to find everything yourself. And it was quite a revelation to many of them that these packs can be bespoke. Many had thought that these packages were only available at the lower end of the market. It came as quite a surprise to find that there are high end versions catering for all tastes – and budgets.

Current trends in London – designs, colours, styles, were another hot topic. London is the style capital of the world and potential investors just can’t get enough of our design ideas for their homes so it was great to offer them a ‘sneak peak’ into what’s inspiring us at the moment.


We had two of our Mandarin speaking staff, Di Gong and Wai Yin Lee, attending the event so that they could speak to buyers in their native tongue if they preferred to, allowing the clients to be at ease and our communication to be more effective. Thanks to them both for being such efficient translators for us and making the whole process of communication so much simpler!

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