Student accommodation

Student accommodation is an area of the property sector that is seeing a noticeable uptick in quality as overseas students zero in on London for its world-class education system.

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“Students value comfort and convenience as much as standard tenants, many prepared to pay a premium for accommodation with highly comfortable, durable and luxury furnishings.”

What InStyle Direct offers

As the UK’s student accommodation market continues to grow, private investors and landlords are preparing to meet the increasing demand, with 20,000 students and counting applying for university each year.

InStyle Direct is well placed to help landlords and developers adapt their properties to the student sector with a range of cost-effective and long-lasting furnishing options that undergo rigorous testing and come under warranty.

Our entry-level packs are the ideal solution when multiple living spaces need to be prepared over a specific time frame e.g. summer holidays. Our furniture packs can also be modified to align with brand requirements of the development with additional bespoke window dressings, upholstery and bedding.

Flexible, quick delivery times and a fully included installation service ensure that 85% of properties InStyle furnishes are let within a week.

Rest assured that all soft furnishings are awarded fire safety Crib 5 to Crib 7 to meet fire safety standards.

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