Houses in multiple occupation

Houses in multiple occupation present some unique challenges. Apartment sharing is on the rise among discerning young professionals, a group with big aspirations and high expectations. Landlords need to provide high quality accommodation that is also practical and compact.

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“Large-scale property projects need to be costed carefully in readiness for multiple occupation. Furnishings need to be selected for compactness as well as quality”

‘What InStyle Direct’ offers

With a market worth more than £20 billion, many investors are looking to multiple occupancy homes as a viable proposition. InStyle Direct have a proven track record in helping landlords adapt and optimise their properties.

Changes may involve expanded room sizes, extra bathrooms and increased storage space. InStyle can assist with all of these projects and more.

As multiple homes are usually involved, careful budgeting is often required. Our furniture packs, complete with installation service, are an ideal way to make calculating long-term costs easier and more accurate.

Our Gold furnishing packs played a particularly important role as we helped a West London client sought to furnish 50 bedrooms and one large living room to the required high standard. Durable and cost-effective, they nevertheless lent a harmonious look to the development while still allowing for a hint of colour and personalisation.

Divan beds and small footprint wardrobes were also utilised and the entire service included their installation and the expert dressing of each room.

The installation was completed in three weeks for just £25,000.

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