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Show apartments play a key role in allowing off-plan buyers to get a real feel of a prospective purchase and help reinforce the brand of the developer.

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“First impressions are formed in the blink of an eye. Developers have a split second to impress which is why a well-dressed show flat is a vital sales tool

‘What InStyle Direct’ offers

The high number of new developments being built in London has led to an expansion of choice and the need for developers to raise their collective game.

Homebuilders are on tight margins and even tighter timelines, yet they still need to avoid the trap of producing mass-produced schemes that merge into each other, thereby turning off interest.

The success of a development, therefore, can often depend on how much expert attention to detail is paid on the show flat or marketing suite, which is where InStyle Direct comes in.

Our furnishing packs, window dressing techniques and prompt installation service allow our clients to reveal the maximum potential of their sample homes to prospective buyers.

It is not uncommon for buyers to be so impressed with our efforts that they purchase our furnishing packs along with their choice of apartment.

The flexibility of our show flat service is demonstrated in our approach to a Barratt London commission which required us to complement the Art Deco character of the development with the appropriate design flourishes. A combination of ceiling pendants, line curtains and strategic lighting produced the desired effect for just under £100K, including installation.

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