Hotels are finding new ways to attract business and leisure travellers increasingly attracted to boutique options that offer home comforts as well as the guarantee of a good night’s sleep.

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“When you go to a reputable hotel, the convenience is a given. It’s the small luxuries and elegant details that are distinguishing and ensure repeat visitors and great Tripadvisor reviews”

‘What InStyle Direct’ offers

InStyle offer hotels a full design and installation service that includes furnishing packs, bespoke interior design and dressing.

Hotels are required to meet rigorous safety requirements. All our furniture meets government health and safety regulations and is covered by warranty.

Our bespoke window dressing helps enhance views from the hotel, making the guest’s stay more memorable.

Boutique hotels which aspire to provide an apartment-like ambience can benefit greatly from our expertise as they strive to instil their rooms with individual character while simultaneously promoting a unique brand.

Hotels often operate on tightened time scales as they often cannot afford many empty rooms. Our use of Diamond furniture packs is a tried and trusted way of ensuring there is no project lag, with quick and painless delivery and installation.

Clients have reported increased room rates of between £100 and £150 per night after using our service.

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