Airbnb customers are predominantly made up of millennials and families who seek authenticity and new experiences. Growth in this sector is a staggering 120% per year

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“With London enjoying its status as the world’s leading Airbnb destination, we’re keen to help as many destinations as possible stand out from what is becoming an increasingly large crowd”

‘What InStyle Direct’ offers

Most prospective customers will be viewing the property online which means that making a good first impression is of maximum importance.

The aim of the InStyle Direct team is to make any Airbnb property stand out. It has to look comfortable, welcoming and uncluttered.

In addition to achieving this pristine condition, we will usually recommend Diamond furniture packages as they are durable, relatively cost-effective and offer many high-end features.

Even though the space is being let as a holiday home, we will always apply the same creativity and flair to the project that has become our hallmark.

Our interior design team has over a decade’s experience in selecting and sourcing the right combination of furnishings and accessories needed to transform your property into a high-quality Airbnb destination.

We will also compile a full inventory of items after installation.

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